OMNITRACKER Implementation in SOCAR Energy Georgia


OMNITRACKER Implementation

 Mr. Farid Zeynalov, Head of IT Service of SOCAR Energy Georgia:

“Since the middle of 2016, we have changed the strategy for the development of the IT service in the SOCAR holding. To implement the chosen strategy “IT as a service”, a software tool was needed to regulate the relationship between the IT service and the Holding companies.

For a long time, Microsoft System Center Operations Manager was used in our organization. The version of the system was obsolete, cumbersome and did not meet our requirements. In addition, the support of the system became more complicated, and the development of new functionality became impractical.

We needed a new, flexible system, with a low cost of ownership. The choice was based on OMNITRACKER. The system was flexible, simple, at the same time it had the granular adjustment capabilities, if the expanded functionality was needed.

In a short period, we have implemented processes that are closer to users of services, such as the catalogue of services, asset management and incidents. Then we moved on to IT-oriented processes, such as problem and change management.

The introduction of OMNITRACKER as a tool for regulating IT processes increased the degree of user loyalty to the IT service, and also improved the interaction within the IT service itself.”