UGORIA appreciated OMNITRACKER’s contribution to the success of the Service Desk Ecosystem project


Specialists of the Information Technology Directorate of AO UGORIA Insurance Company have completed the implementation of the Service Desk Ecosystem project, which combines several completely different modern technologies and systems, including the OMNITRACKER business process automation platform, to organize high-quality and cost-effective IT support for business. The project of state-owned UGORIA Insurance Company became the winner in the category “Service Culture” in the framework of the annual competition “ITSM-project of the year 2021”, held by the itSMF Russia Association.

A special feature of the project was the implementation of all systems exclusively taking into account the requirements of business units and in full compliance with the company’s development strategy within the framework of a modern response to changing external and internal circumstances.

During the project a revision of the catalog of services was implemented on OMNITRACKER, which became convenient and understandable for both IT specialists and ordinary users of business units; integration with role models for providing access based on internal regulations of UGORIA. The company has rebuilt the technical support processes and implemented micro-commands using the Swarming method, as well as many unique dynamic forms on the Technical Support Portal. The Enterprise service management approach (“single point of contact”) was also implemented, and business processes were rebuilt in accordance with the ideas, principles and tools of ITSM, including integrated into the company’s service desk system based on OMNITRACKER. In addition, reporting is configured for each business unit in accordance with internal requirements. Automation of approvals, collecting feedback on completed requests to monitor user satisfaction were also implemented in OMNITRACKER. The implemented integrations of the OMNITRACKER platform with the accounting system, monitoring system and other corporate software, of course, provide a high level of efficiency of process automation.  It should be particularly noted that the project was carried out by its own team of specialists without the involvement of external experts.

As a result of the project, thanks to the management decisions taken and their rapid implementation, OMNITRACKER managed to increase the efficiency of the relevant internal and external processes: the deadlines for critical requests (incidents) were reduced by 1.5-2 times, in general, compliance with the Service Level Agreement (SLA) is provided at the level of 80-85%. Productivity per 1 employee of the company’s technical support increased by 2 times. The share of requests from the Technical Support Portal increased from 50 to 80%, and thanks to the introduction of the role model, the number of approvals was reduced by 50%. From a financial point of view, the verified result of the project was an increase in the company’s profit by more than 28 million rubles.

An important result of the project during the pandemic, thanks to the effectiveness of the self-service portal and the OMNITRACKER platform, was to ensure a painless transition of more than 1,500 employees of the company to remote operation with almost no costs.

The OMNITRACKER system is an excellent tool with which you can implement almost any IT and business processes.  We knew the main postulates of the company’s strategy and decided to use approaches and tools that would bring advantages for the business. For example, in terms of territorial expansion, we tried to speed up the delivery of values and increase the efficiency of each employee. We also introduced automation tools for frequent operational tasks, which reduced management costs and did not lead to an increase in staff. Thus, due to automation tools, the operational load was reduced“, – said Stanislav Druzhinin, head of the operation department of UGORIA.

We heartily congratulate our colleagues from UGORIA on the completion of the Service Desk Ecosystem project, which is extremely interesting from the point of view of functionality and, equally important, provided with high economic efficiency, as well as with a well-deserved award and recognition of colleagues in the shop. OMNINET highly appreciates the opportunity to ensure the growth of the maturity of UGORIA’s business processes thanks to the OMNITRACKER platform, which has harmoniously become an important component of the Ecosystem, affecting all the main divisions of the company. The project once again demonstrated the versatility of the OMNITRACKER software solution for both IT and Business, and we are confident that the customer has all the necessary tools to implement further plans for the development of the system“, – said Michael Dobner, CEO of OMNINET Russia and CIS.

In the short and medium term, UGORIAplans to implement automation of accounting and management of configuration units, minimizing the need for manual input and control of equipment, as well as the introduction of dynamic management of a pool of licenses, channels, server and network equipment, personal computers, including using the extensive capabilities of the OMNITRACKER platform and its integration with discovery systems. The company also plans to further improve the catalog of services and self-service tools.

About AO UGORIA Insurance Company

AO UGORIA Insurance Company was founded in 1997. UGORIA is a universal insurance company providing a wide range of insurance services. The company operates in 23 types of insurance and reinsurance (using 50 different rules). UGORIA pays special attention to the digitalization of insurance services and is actively developing online insurance. At the end of 2020, the Company ranks 17th in the overall ranking of Russian insurers, is included in the TOP-10 in OSAGO, and in the TOP-10 among the largest insurers in terms of Casco.


OMNINET is a leading European supplier of software solutions for business process automation in Russia and the CIS. OMNINET offers a comprehensive portfolio of solutions and services for all areas of business based on its own OMNITRACKER software product designed to automate business processes of service organizations and departments based on ITIL recommendations: IT services, Shared service centers, call centers, customer departments, project offices and others.

OMNINET received the status of “Champion” of the Service Desk solutions market in the annual expert ratings “Vendor Landscape: Enterprise Service Desk Software” by the international agency Info-Tech Research Group in 2017 and 2019. The OMNITRACKER system, a software solution from OMNINET, received the award “Best Overall Value” among the products of the leading manufacturers of the Service Desk market.

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